CDR Associates

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Since 1978, CDR Associates’ professional staff of facilitators, mediators, engagement specialists, and trainers has helped groups in 60 countries reach their own solutions to difficult issues. We lead the way to valuable and long-lasting agreements, whether they’re surrounding a peace agreement, a controversial public issue, a complex development project, a conflict over natural resources, or a challenging change initiative within an organization.

You’ll find the results of our mediation in creative solutions to issues involving natural resources, sustainable development, peacebuilding, infrastructure, and organizational effectiveness.

Our approach revolves around:

  • Involving those most affected by decisions
  • Integrating the best scientific, technical, and customary/traditional information available
  • Building trust and understanding
  • Cultivating leadership and collaborative decision making
  • Ensuring decisions are implemented and contain mechanisms to address future conflicts

A nonprofit corporation headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, CDR Associates shares its growing knowledge with others in the field through workshops and groundbreaking publications on mediation and conflict resolution.

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